Colour Me PR

Episode 10: #ColourMeEMPOWERED with Lena Almeida

March 08, 2021 Season 1 Episode 10
Colour Me PR
Episode 10: #ColourMeEMPOWERED with Lena Almeida
Show Notes

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Lena Almeida is a writer, social media strategist, lifestyle influencer and Work-At-Home-   Mom of two with over 10 years of experience in blogging, brand management and taking part in television and radio broadcast segments.

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[0:00-2:12] - Introduction
[2:15] - Growing up as the only brown girl
[5:40] - Outshine them
[6:48] - Courage to leave the office behind
[11:48] - Being a WOC in media 
[20:04] - Admitting hesitations
[22:21] - Kindness brings inclusion
[24:05] - Inspiration VS identification

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