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Episode 9: #ColourMeQUALIFIED with Arefeh Ghane

February 23, 2021 Season 1 Episode 9
Colour Me PR
Episode 9: #ColourMeQUALIFIED with Arefeh Ghane
Show Notes

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Arefeh Ghane is is a Public Relations Intern at Edelman, a Bachelors of Public Relations student at Humber College, and the the 2020 Student Steering Committee President of the Canadian Public Relations Society of Toronto. 

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[0:00-1:50] - Introduction
[2:23] - Being a student with a voice
[4:23] - Entering the industry at a time when social justice is front and center
[5:48] - Junior communicators hold the knowledge of what's to come
[8:50] - Growing up without representation in your neighbourhood
[10:14] - Look at what your local community is doing to celebrate Black History Month
[11:40] - Where are you from? No, really, where are you from?
[16:16] - BOSS MOMENT
[20:52] - Connecting with students across campuses
[24:43] - You deserve to be healthy in order to do your best

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