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Episode 8: #ColourMeBRILLIANT with Alice Namu

February 09, 2021 Mubashira Farooqi Season 1 Episode 8
Colour Me PR
Episode 8: #ColourMeBRILLIANT with Alice Namu
Show Notes

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Alice Namu is an independent communications consultant with more than seven years of progressively senior experience in corporate, academic, not-for-profit and faith-based organizations. Alice is the Vice President of Programs at the International Association of Business Communicators in Toronto, as well as a board representative on their Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility committee, a secretary for the The North America Chapter of the  World Association of Christian Communicators and a returning judge on the Canadian Online Publishing Awards.

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[0:00-1:10] - Introduction

[2:25] - How reading and writing launched Alice's love for communications 

[4:35] - Switching from journalism to comms

[6:00] - Being a black woman in comms and choosing work that aligns with your values

[9:35] - Why we need visible minorities in leadership rooms

[15:00] - BOSS MOMENT: Teaching English to Chinese executives in Beijing

[19:33] - Alice's complicated relationship with Black History Month

[23:10] - True allyship is beyond crafting beautiful copy

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