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Episode 4: #ColourMeMEMORABLE with Maxine McDonald

December 16, 2020 Mubashira Farooqi Season 1 Episode 4
Colour Me PR
Episode 4: #ColourMeMEMORABLE with Maxine McDonald
Show Notes

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Maxine McDonald is a Senior Director at Media Profile, and the Co-Founder and Chair of Code Black Communicator Network and The Code Black Podcast.
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 [0:00-5:30] - Introduction
 [6:13] - What it means to see representation in the industry
 [7:30] - Being different makes you memorable
 [9:20] - Why it's important for people to say your name right
 [12:15] - The pressures of being "the only one"

 [19:20] - Will DE&I be a fad?

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