Colour Me PR

Episode 2: #ColourMeMOTIVATED with Rohini Mukherji

November 18, 2020 Mubashira Farooqi Season 1 Episode 2
Colour Me PR
Episode 2: #ColourMeMOTIVATED with Rohini Mukherji
Show Notes

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Rohini Mukherji is the Vice President of Integrated Communications at APEX Public Relations, and chairs the marketing committee of the Canadian Public Relations Society Foundation, whose work is focused on making the PR industry more inclusive at all levels of Canadian organizations.

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[0:00-2:41] - Introduction

[2:42] - Rohini's reasons to love PR (curiosity, variety and impact)

[6:43] - Does PR really value diversity, equity and inclusion?

[8:22] - Difference between "diversity" and "inclusion"

[11:00] - How organizations can be truly inclusive

[16:40] - What allyship looks like

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